A sample of Matt's music videos and interviews

Scroll below for a sample of Matt’s videos and click the links above for his performance schedule, downloads and CD purchases. You can also read about the extraordinary Hang instrument and his band, The Venusians.

Last month I again supplied the “E” at TEDx Marin. It was a great lineup of speakers and I was asked to do a 5 minute instrumental Hang piece to balance the slightly more cerebral nature of the TED talks. I had an idea for a basic theme and let it fly it from there.

A few video excerpts from recent concert in Sausalito. We performed in what was once Studio A of the legendary Record Plant, now a venue called Harmonia. We played the songs from my album The Rhythm Of Life and threw in a few Venusian classics (had to bust out the EVI for those). Features Matt with Daniel Berkman, John Steiner, Richard Michos and guest Liliana Lilikoi.

Hi, I hope you find peace in this song and video from my latest release, The Rhythm Of Life. I shot and edited the video in several locations of Florida and the Southeastern US. If you like what you hear you can download the song or album on iTunes at: http://apple.co/2bCEcHs

Afraid is track #2 from Matt’s latest release, “The Rhythm Of Life”. We’re not alone…the light we shine will guide us home. You can purchase the song or the album on iTunes, CD; Baby and all major download sites.

“Desert Dreams” is track #8 from Matt’s release “The Rhythm Of Life”. Take a few minutes and relax into this dreamscape journey through the majestic Southwest desert.

This is the opening track from Matt’s new album, The Rhythm Of Life.

A new instrument is born from the PANArt family in Switzerland. Headphone listening highly recommended 🙂

Some random Gubal jamming for your listening pleasure. Headphones are essential when listening through a computer or mobile device…otherwise it’s impossible to hear those amazing low frequencies inherent in this instrument. Gubal by PANArt.