“A soul-stirring Maestro who invokes the essence of
love into his music” Jill Lawson, Huffington Post

“awe-inspiring and unforgettable”
Music Industry News Network

“A self-styled, modern day Rumi”
 Midwest Records

“…sensational singer-songwriter”
Digital Spy, Hearst Magazines UK

“Matt Venuti…A Rare Gem” 
Anthony Leclair, Swept Media

“Your music is medicinal”
Lee Rayburn, WHCU Morning Show Host

“A slice of creative genius”
Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio

“Brilliant and spellbinding performance”
Jane Heaven, producer and host, KPFA Bay Area Radio

“Matt’s performance opens the heart, quiets the mind and touches the soul”
Arun Gandhi, author, lecturer, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi

“A fabulous one-man concert”
Eddie King, president, Arts in the Parks, Nashville, TN

“…heartfelt, spirit-filled, uplifting, and insightful”.
Buzz Music

“Akin to the Aurora Borealis for your ears
James Stimpson, Charlottesville Weekly

“One of the world’s premier players of the Hang”
Washington Post

“Matt’s music immediately pulls in your heart and mind, then releases them to a transcendent, meaningful experience.”
Mark Lavonier. Senior Producer, WRVO Public Media

“The way Matt plays makes me believe that a human being can transcend his or her body and mind through music
John Saylor, Encounters With The Great Spirit

“Superb…most highly recommended”
Improvijazzation Nation Magazine

“Matt is impressive with his dedication and focus toward the art, taking his instrument where it has never been before”
Michael Stock, WLRN Miami NPR