The Rhythm of Life by Matt Venuti

“Editor’s pick” -CD Baby…debuted #6 on Zone Music Reporter top 100 chart!
Matt’s latest is a quantum leap into a new dimension of sound-sculpture music. Gorgeous melodies, deep rhythms, lush arrangements and heart inspiring rhymes… this music offers a peaceful respite in the most troubled of times.

Bliss Attack by Matt Venuti

“Editor’s pick” -CD Baby

 Designed to “open your heart, quiet your mind, and touch your soul”…this collection of Matt’s gems was carefully handpicked and assembled to give you the ultimate journey through the artist’s most bliss-inspiring tracks. Features an inspiring ensemble of players including the legendary Stan Getz!

Hang Soul - Matt Venuti

“Editor’s pick” -CD Baby

These 15 tracks explore the quiet essence of the world’s most enchanting instrument and one of its most prolific advocates…designed to calm your mind and open your heart.

Hangisphere – Matt Venuti

“Editor’s pick” -CD Baby

The captivating sound of the Pan Art Hang is the principal voice of this collection of highly visual, soul-soothing compositions that arouse reflection, touch the heart, and energize the spirit.

Dance of the Helix
Matt Venuti and the Venusians


Inspiring music to chill and thrill to, featuring the Hang, Kora, Mandolin, Electronic Valve Instrument, Bass, Keys, and Cool Beats. A soundtrack to live by.

Songs from the Venus Lounge
Matt Venuti and the Venusians

These 13 gems are like an exotic adventure of enchantment for your heart and mind. Includes a guest appearance by jazz saxophone legend Stan Getz in what was likely his final recording. Less Hang, more EVI and upbeat…classic Venusians vibe!

Rise - Matt Venuti

For those who have seen Matt’s solo live performances, Rise is the CD that you’ve been asking for. If you haven’t seen him then Rise is the next best thing. Heart-felt and evocative lyrics, poetically delivered by rich beautiful vocals and accompanied by the PAN Art Hang and the Gubal.

Hot Planet - The Venusians

Epic electro-acoustic World Pop tunes with entrancing rhythms and soaring melodies featuring Matt Venuti and his Electronic Valve Instrument.

Hang Therapy - Matt Venuti



Recorded in a nature sanctuary under ideal conditions, this is the ultimate Hang relaxation CD…great for yoga, massage, calming the mind and opening the heart.